Dog Boarding Rates

Our Resort is sure to impress!  We understand separation anxiety is an emotion that’s not just related to pets, but to their owners as well. That’s why at Creature Comforts Pet Resort, we do everything to make our guests feel at home. It starts with a loving, caring staff who will welcome and treat your pet as if it were their own. 

Our guests enjoy spacious, comfortable, and clean accommodations in a stress free, low noise environment. We offer traditional boarding and cage less suites. Suites are decorated with a home like atmosphere where guests can enjoy the view through their very own window while they rest on a comfortable bed. 

All Guests shall receive a minimum of FIVE walks a day, as well as daily housekeeping, and meals. All feedings are based on owner’s instructions. We also keep a high ratio of pet care professionals to dogs, so dogs always recieve the care and attention they deserve.  Also, Dogs who board 7 consecutive days or more receive a free basic bath and comb out. Full Service grooming is always available as part of a stay - Ask about a quote!  

Classic Runs

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Affordable Boarding Starts at $28 !  

Don’t let the name fool you, these accomodations are spacious, clean, and flooded with natural light from multiple skylights. Each run is seperated with a solid partition for privacy. Kennel doors are chain link and masonry walls. Each guest accomodation includes a kuranda style bed, blanket, and meals fed to your specifications. Also included at no additional charge are 5 personal walks outside in one our large outdoor fenced yards.

Classic Run:

Our classic runs are heated/cooled and completely indoors. Each run is divided for sleeping and playing and approximately 3.5 x 13 feet long and cost $28 per day, an additional guest can be added to the same run for $14. (size dependent)



ADD+ Doggie Daycare to Boarding for Only $9 (normally $21) daily

ADD+ One on One Time (play ball, extra long walks etc.) Only $9 per 20 min 

The Suite Life 

Over-sized windows flood the Club Canine suites with natural light. All suites feature a cage less design. There are no bars or chainlink and each suite has a home-like atmosphere . All suites include a top-of-the line sleeping bed. Suites are separated into zones to minimize stress and noise. We included day and night light dimming features. Owners may bring toys and belongings from home for their pet, or may provide a daily or per stay “allowance” for their pet’s shopping spree for new toys/treats.

Quick Price List of Rooms Available: 

Large Club Canine Suite $81 up to two pets

Premier Pet Suites  $55 

Small Luxury Suite  $45

Classic Run $28

Additional pets - $14 each in the same room. 

Club Canine Suites

The Large Club Canine suite is designed for extra large dogs, double/multi occupancy pets from one family, or special needs pets.  

Each suite includes: 

5 daily walks, daily room service, personal meals fed to your specifications. The LARGE CLUB CANINE is flooded with natural sunlight and is our largest most luxurious suite. These rooms are located in our front lobby area. Each suite includes a large flat screen TV, full-sized low profile bed, and web cam access at no additional charge. 

Our Largest CLUB CANINE suites are approximately 12 x 14ft room with a full size bed and cost $81 per day for up to two guests/and an additional (3rd guest) $14 extra


Premier Pet Suites

We also offer two smaller rooms located in our lobby and both have large windows with lots of natural light. These rooms include Web Cam, TV, 5 potty walks, and meals fed to your specifications.

Premier Pet Suite #2 -  

7x7, extra low profile bed, our special room for cats or dogs /geriatric pets/ special needs guests. This room offers privacy but still located in our lobby area  $55 Heated Floor option is great for older pets with sore joints!!

 *Additional Guests in same room are $14  (size dependent)


Premier Pet Suite #1 

8x9, This room offers plenty of natural light and window watching. Great for cats and or dogs that enjoy an active stay.  This room offers a twin sized bed and is located directly across from our lobby desk $55



Premier Pet Suite #3

(aka "The quiet room" )  is approximately 8x8 and has a twin sized bed. $55 per day single occupancy. Add an additional pet for only $14. This room is off a quiet section of our resort. Perfect for dogs who want privacy and don't want see any other guests.  


ADD+ Doggie Daycare to Boarding for Only $9 per pet (normally $21) daily.

ADD+ One on One Time (play ball, extra long walks etc.) Only $9 single / $16 family per 20 min. 

Luxury Suites


Our Luxury Suites offer the same ammenties as our Club Canine and Premier  Suites, just on a smaller scale. All of our Luxury suites include 5 potty walks daily and meals feed to your specificationsa. Each room has a home like atmosphere, mattress style toddler sized bed, and flat screen TV to provide familiar sounds and images for your dog. These suites are also optimized with our online web cams—allowing you to view your dog anytime from your computer, laptop, or smart phone



 Our LUXURY suites are pawsome for most breeds. 

Luxury suites are approximately 6 X 7 and come with a toddler sized bed. $45 per day single occupancy. Small/Med breeds double occupancy for an additional $14 per pet. 


ADD+ Doggie Daycare to Boarding for Only $9 per pet (normally $21) daily.

ADD+ One on One Time (play ball, extra long walks etc.) Only $9 single / $16 family per 20 min. 

Have an extra special spoiled 


We allow one very special guest to “ spend the night” with a dedicated overnight staff member. Your pet MUST be able to attend doggie daycare during the day, be non-destructive, housebroken, and know basic commands. $118 includes daycare.

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Check In/Out

Our Resort works similar to a hotel. You are welcome to Check In/Out anytime during our lobby hours. However to ensure your pets room is ready for their stay, reservations are required for both Arrival and Departure times from the resort. Rates are per day, if check-out is before noon Monday-Saturday the daily rate is waived. Sunday the daily rate applies to all boardings. For more information on our polices please read our Pet Services Agreement.

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