Cat Rates

Our Resort is sure to impress!  We understand separation anxiety is an emotion that’s not just related to pets, but to their owners as well. That’s why at Creature Comforts Pet Resort, we do everything to make our guests feel at home. It starts with a loving, caring staff who will welcome and treat your pet as if it were their own. 

Our guests enjoy spacious, comfortable, and clean accommodations in a stress free, low noise environment. We offer traditional boarding and cage less suites. Suites are decorated with a home like atmosphere where guests can enjoy the view through their very own window while they rest on a comfortable bed. 



These accommodations are the cat’s meow! Our Kitty Condos are separate from our canine guests and designed to provide each feline guest with comfort, security and exercise. We make certain that each cat (unless they absolutely hate the idea and would prefer to rest quietly in their town-home) gets to spend time each day in our cat play tree room. Climbing trees, safe play toys and perches are there for exploring and will assure that your kitty has loads of fun during his or her resort stay!

Our Kitty Suite is full of natural sunlight and all guests have access to bird watching.  Bird feeders are placed outside within view of the Suite to stimulate cats natural instinct .  You also have Web Cam Access at no additional charge!  

Three Story Town-home

A three story town-home includes perches on every level, crystal water and food dishes, gourmet meals fed to your specifications and fresh linens are provided daily. Each three story town-home has a private litterbox area. Litterboxes are cleaned at least twice daily.  Each Town home is 2x2 three stories high. 


Our spacious town-homes $ 18 per day an additional guest in the same town-home is only $14 extra. 

Single Story Town-home 

These accommodations provide many similar amenities as our larger condos, but in a smaller package. Single story homes are great for less active felines, kittens, or for felines who will have a short stay in our resort.

Amenities include crystal water and food dishes, gourmet meals fed to your specifications, a perch, and fresh linens are provided daily.

Single story Town-homes are single occupancy and cost $12 per Day.

Luxury Cage Free Boarding

We also offer our full sized cage less rooms to our feline guests. These rooms are purrrrfect for multiple cats from the same family who wish to board together. Room rates are based on number of cats and room availability. Cat Suites Start at $35 and each additional feline guest is $14 per day


Guests in our Cat Suites


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